Fintry and Her Sisters

Above: Ironbridge (far left, grey), Lechlade (center right, black, white, red & buff), and Holmwood (far right, behind a smaller boat) at Portland, April 2003.


A complete list of all the fleet tenders, with links to photos of each one is at Sisters.


Photo Credits:
1) Sharon Guile
2) Neill Rush
3) Steve Carmichael-Timson
4) Sharon Kemp
5) Xavier
6) Cas Pijpers
7) Sgt. Haywood

There are several new sites that have photographs of Fleet Tenders, some old b&w photos presumably taken for the Navy and some new photos, taken by amateur and professional photographers. Four of them that are linked from here are:
In many cases, they have more than one photo of particular Fleet Tenders, including photos in various stages of conversion.
I also have many more photos than I have up on the site. For most of these, I do not have permission to post them, but if you're looking for a particular boat, let me know.
I also have drawings, specifications, instruction manuals, and stability books (including one in Excel).